To our valued customers,

Lessebo Bruk has until today been organized as one integrated company, where both paper production, pulp production, as well as energy production has been part of the same company.

In order to secure the company and cultivate the different business areas they will be separated into three different legal entities:

  • Lessebo Paper AB will be the paper company
  • Lessebo Pulp AB will handle pulp
  • Lessebo Energy AB will be producing and selling our energy.

This reorganization is done in order to enhance the focus and profitability of the individual businesses. The current owners will at the same time add additional capital to further support the development of the new company.

To make this transition happen we are forced to end the existing company which will be moved  into receivership. Thus opening the possibility of organizing the best possible new companies that will have the highest chance of a profitable and secure future.

We also believe that our customers will be best served when all our activities are focused on the core business, so that together we can continue to have the relationship that secures further development and profitability for us and our customers.

If there are any questions you can always contact me personally.

Kind regards,

Terje Haglund
Managing Director Lessebo Bruk AB
Telephone number: + 47 907 71 229