Lessebo Paper AB commits to strategic partners

Lessebo Paper is a producer of woodfree premium design papers distributed by merchant partners. In order to improve its position in the market place, the company has decided to focus its strategic co-operation with chosen partners. To this end Lessebo Paper has, in agreement with Papyrus, decided to terminate its position as a supplier to the MultiDesign range.

To access the original Swedish premium design paper from Lessebo Paper, the choice is Scandia 2000 or Lessebo Design. They rank among the most climate-friendly papers in the world.

The marketing and sales of premium design papers require an active marketing and back selling strategy.  Our partners, going forward,  have all shown their ability to successfully promote and distribute our  products to the market. This change will strengthen the role of our exclusive partners in their respective geographical areas and will make the market approach more effective to the benefit of our customers.

Lessebo Paper has started the new year with strong sales and a solid positive result. The new cost base and market structure will further enhance future possibilities and growth.


Terje Haglund
Managing Director Lessebo Bruk AB
Telephone number: + 47 907 71 229