More than
meets the eye

Visual Impact

Knowledge and tradition makes a difference. At Lessebo Bruk premium uncoated papers for the graphical industry have been manufactured since 1693. It is a fine old tradition upheld by today’s skilled paper mill workers. Our white premium uncoated papers Lessebo Scandia 2000 and Lessebo Design aim to satisfy the most demanding customers in the graphical sector. The pure natural whiteness is pleasing to the eye, it enables the highest contrast in images, and colours are reproduced in the most natural way. Our premium brands give you the luxury of choice when it comes to shades, surfaces, grammages and formats, ensuring graphical designers maximum opportunity to transfer their vision onto paper.


Boy magazine is a Swedish based fashion and beauty magazine about objectifying the man. All proceeds from the magazine is donated to the rainbow fund in Sweden – working with human rights within the LGBT community.

  • Lessebo Scandia 2000 White
  • 115 and 350 gsm
  • Lessebo Colorit Flamingo Pink
  • 120 gsm

Odalisque M. 3

  • Lessebo Scandia 2000 White
  • 100 gsm and 240 gsm

By Hand

  • Lessebo Scandia 2000 Natural


  • Lessebo Scandia 2000 White
  • 440 gsm

Feuer Ring

  • Lessebo Design 1,3 White
  • 170 gsm


  • Lessebo Scandia 2000 White
  • 300 gsm