Clean Environment

Lessebo Bruk’s environmental initiatives

Lessebo Bruk and carbon dioxide: positive story – negative footprint!

The “total carbon dioxide emissions” of any product are popularly referred to as its carbon footprint. This concept provides an excellent reference point for highlighting where, in any manufacturing process greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.

So be assured that our brands: Lessebo Scandia 2000, Lessebo Design, Lessebo Kaskad and Lessebo Colorit Premium Uncoated Paper are amongst Europe’s best. Not only as regards quality but also, as you now know, climate friendliness through carbon neutrality.

Our geographical location, in such close proximity to our raw material also means that we can minimise carbon release in transportation.

The latter handles all residues and produces emission-neutral energy from biomass fuels. Besides heating our plant, surplus energy is also used to heat many homes local to Lessebo village. The environmental solutions we are employing at Lessebo Bruk are cutting edge, varied and growing. We do not stop at Carbon Footprint as a measure of our environmental concern and responsibility.